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Signus | creative studio

A team of great people who love their work.


Signus was founded in 2008 by three friends who shared the same goal of creating creative stickers for clients. The name Signus is based on the phrase sign it with us :). Initially, we mainly focused on advertising and print production. Hungry for education, we gradually became an agency that brings its clients comprehensive advertising and marketing services. And today, we are standing here ready for any request from (online and off-line) marketing areas.

Our knowledge and experience

Social Media marketing 0
Creating websites and e-shops 0
Graphic Services 0
PR & Marketing 0

Our philosophy and mission

We build on our know-how, years of experience and individualistic approach to customers

By continuously educating ourselves and finding out the current needs of our clients and the market, we can create effective custom-made campaigns with the desired effect. The mission of Signus is to bring new customers to clients and to keep existing ones.

Our job is to make your job more visible.