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Nice and functional website for eco-project? Take a look at our solution for Green Roofs

Green roofs are a project of our client One Earth. What solutions did we propose when implementing the new website?

The Green Roofs project was created in response to the greyness of urban life. Too many materials such as metal, concrete or stone raised the question: Where did the nature go?

The small family business One Earth has found a solution to make cities greener. They do so with enthusiasm and love for nature, taking into account the individual requirements of their clients.

The vision of the Green Roofs project is clear: a green roof in every family and apartment house with a flat roof. The goal is to transfer a fraction of the real “jungle” to the urban one. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the lamps, this creates unique places full of life, in which one feels pleasant, fragrant and humid, almost as in a forest or a meadow.

One Earth are the body and soul lovers of the nature. In every implementation they strive to penetrate affordable and functional solutions with maximum benefit. Realization of the green roof runs from the foundations, including insulation, plumbing and plantation.


The aim was to create a new, functional and nice website according to the wishes of the client, with an emphasis on the client’s activities connected with nature.


Our vision was to focus on the proposal and functionality of the website design. Maintaining an ecological feeling, intuitiveness and simplicity was crucial.

Webová stránka pre projekt Zelené strechy


1. Graphic proposal of new web design

The Green Roofs project emits a transparent message – making the city more beautiful, returning to nature and taking care of its sustainability. Therefore we created the web design with respect to these attributes.

Simple color code in natural shades, lots of negative space and white background to allow the site to “breathe”. And since it is a hundred times more to see than to hear, we put emphasis on slider photos.

We designed a specific wireframe layout with respect to UX / UI (User Experience / User Interface)

2. Complete realization of the website according to graphic design

During the realization we tried to make the web visitor immediately feel like “at home”.

Therefore we have chosen a striking and eye-catching slider for the opening page. As it is offering a green roof service, upon arrival, the visitor will find out who our client is, what he is doing and who the team members are. This increases trust and sales potential.

We also designed the subpages with respect to UX / UI. You can notice bold headings, intuitive text layout, and logical succession.

In the header of the page there is contact, such as instant call-to-action and link to social media.

The whole site looks simple, the subpages themselves are not unnecessarily overwhelmed with text, icons or a large number of images. The information is direct and concise, with a clear reference. A visitor can easily navigate the web and quickly find what they need.

3. Responsiveness – display for desktop, mobile and tablet

In the end we tailored the final design of the web for display on different devices with different screen sizes. The functionality of the site has remained unchanged, and the interface works great on a desktop, mobile or tablet.